Fingerless Mitts!



Beaded Mitts

I was ready to try something a little different with my knitting....and learned about adding beads to projects.  Fun!  The wrist area of these fingerless mitts have transparent purple beads knitted in.  And the thumb gusset and fingertops have an eyelet pattern.

~prices starts at $15~


~Minecraft Steve~

You don't have to worry these kid mitts will get lost - they can be worn while playing their favorite game!!

~prices start at $15~


~Warm & Soft~

These make a great gift for women & men.

~prices start at $15~


Pretty & Warm

These fingerless mitts are made with two strands of yarn, making them extra warm.  They have an eyelet pattern around the wrists, thumb and fingers. 

~prices start at $15~



Lightweight Mitts


These fingerless mitts are soft & simple.




Lightweight Eyelet Mitts

These fingerless mitts are lightweight and soft, and have an eyelet pattern around the wrist, thumb and fingers.

~prices start at $15~


~Beaded Sports Fan Fun!~   

The Dodger Blue Mitts include Baseball Beads & the Redskins Maroon & Gold Mitts include Football beads!  Stay warm cheering for your favorite team!

~prices start at $15~



~Classic Mitts~

The first pair of these were made for myself. Nothing too fancy, just a comfy way to warm up! Choose from any color combination!

~prices start at $15~


~Toddler Sized Mitts~

A very lucky little girl I know wore these on her first trip to meet Mickey & Minnie!

~prices start at $10~


~Sweetheart Mittens~

Also known as a Smitten, it's a mitten made for two! The set includes a smitten to hold hands in, and two mittens for the other hands

~prices start at $30 ~

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