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All in one week of 2013 I learned three women in my life had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  

It was a scary week... and since hearing their news it seems like more people I know are being effected by this disease. 

I really wanted to do something to help them, but what?  

Well, knitting, of course.

My first throught was to make hats - chemo means no hair.  Yikes...suddenly bad hair days seem so silly.  Hoping to be inspired by a great pattern, I did a search for 'knitting for breast cancer patients' - and found the most wonderful sites!


 Yep, it is what you think.  A knitted knocker is a boobie.  :-)  

Or....a prosthetic breast for mastectomy patients and for women who have had breast surgery.


Here's what I've learned...

  • When placed in a bra, knitted knockers take the shape and feel of a real breast.
  • They are lighter and more comfortable than silicone prosthetic breasts.
  • The knitted fabric breathes and prevents the heat rash experienced by many women wearing silicone ones.
  • Women can't be fitted for a traditional breast prosthesis until they have been our of surgery for at least three weeks.
  • Women planning on reconstruction surgery can't have it done immediately.
  • One silicone prosthetic breast cost between $300 and $500.  Without health insurance, they can be out of reach for many breast cancer survivors.  Even those with insurance are limited to a new prosthetic breast every two years.

I, in no way, can take credit for this wonderful creation.  But I am very excited to participate in this unique charity project.   I have plans to help it grow in my area.   

In April 2014 this site became listed as a California Local Group on the Knitted Knockers Charities website. 


 My goal is to find other knitters and crocheters who would like to create some knockers with me.   

I would love to be able to put together "Boobie Baskets" to deliver to area hospitals to share with women in need.

 Please contact me if you are interested!!

 Boobie Basket number one ready for delivery!

The latest ~ postcards to go with the knockers!

Once side of the card has care instructions, and the other side has a space for the knitters name, and the cup size. 


 On May 10, 2014 I particiapted in the Tri Valley SOCKs Bras For a Cause Breast Cancer Walk.  What a fun night!  Over 500 people particiapted in a 5K walk through downtown Pleasanton wearing their bras to raise money for breast cancer research, treatment & education.  My team of 6 raised over $1800!

Ready to create?  Check out these pattern links:

if you crochet:

Improved patterns for knitted knockers are posted!  Links also include recommended yarns. 

Thank you to for sharing this information!

New information will continue to be posted ... check back soon!

this page updated april 30, 2017

Knitters Needed!

The demand for knitted knockers continues to grow.  If you are a knitter, and would like to contribute to this wonderful cause, please contact me!!   

I would love to find more people in my community who would like to meet up and knit together.   

Together, we can make a difficult time in a women's life just a little bit easier.  Or at least put a smile on her face.