I decided I needed to learn to make beanies when I found out

my dads favorite one was wearing out...

... & that it was older than me!

 This page features beanies for toddlers, kids & adults! 


Off to College!

I'm having mixed feelings about making college beanies... because I still see these recent high school graduates as babies. The NAU one is for the first baby in the circle of friends. Oh, my!


~Twin Beanies~

Made these baseball game ready beanies for my two favorite twins. 

Boy and Girl coordinating creations are so fun!

  ~prices start at $20~


~Double Hearts~

This year my favorite baseball player is a Castro Valley Independent Dodger.....now I can stay warm at those night games and show my team some love.

~prices start at $25~


~Outdoor School Beanie~

My girl saw a picture of this hat, and decided this is what she wanted me to make her for her week long trip to outdoor school.  It's not the quite like the purple and flowery things I'd like her to wear, but she's still cute.  

~prices start at $25~


~Pussy Hat Project~ 

Womens Rights are Human Rights 

And I'm happy to support this movement!!

All proceeds earned knitting these hats will fund knitted knockers....my favorite (pet!)' charity knitting cause.


Lace Edge Beanie

I was looking to make a lightweight and fun summer beanie.

I think the end result is a bit 1920's - fun!

Knitted up with a thin soft yarn....though shown on my model with thick pretty hair, this makes for a good chemo hat.


~prices start at $20~


~Ponytail Beanie~

Ponytails and beanies usually don't work together - but this one does! No more excuses for not taking that morning run because of the chill in the air. Slide it on your head, and fasten the brim underneath your hair. Perfect pony!

~prices start at $25~


~Warriors Love!~

An earflap beanie full of love.... inspired by a girls love of her hometown basketball team!!

~prices start at $30~


~Earflap Beanie~

A great beanie to add a little extra warmth - and a good way to make it sure stays on your little ones head in the cold!

~prices start at $25~


~Marshall Mustang Pride~

I wanted to create something special to donate to my sons school fundraiser. A lucky student won this in a raffle basket!

I think I need to knit another one for my model...

Ready to show off your school spirit?

  ~prices start at $30~  


~Minecraft Beanies~

Knitting gifts for my daughters friends was easy, but knitting gifts for my sons friends - not so much. 

Until Now!  

Are you Herobrine or Creeper?? ....a perfect fit for your gamer!  

~prices start at $22~


~Turtle Shell~

I wanted to combine two colors without stripes... and I love this design!  

I think if it were in greens it would look like a turtle shell. 

~prices start at $25~  

~Grown Up Ruffles~

~prices start at $25~ 


~Furry Edge~  

This soft beanie has a textured design, with a furry brim.

~prices start at $25~


The Amazing......Spidey Beanie!

I'll knit a web...any size...

Ready for your super hero ~ big or small!

~prices start at $35~


~Soccer Ball Beanie!~

After searching and searching for a pattern to knit a soccer ball beanie - and not finding what I wanted- I created my own!

I think the hat came out almost as cute as my soccer star!

~prices start at $30~  


~The Bambino Beanie~


The first bambino beanie was created for the newest member of my (extended) Italian family.

It's the white one in the center.

I have since made lots more in different styles, colors and sizes.

Babies, Toddlers, Kids & Adult Hats

~prices start at $20~

Soft & Warm!

A little slouchy on the top, a tie to make it fit around your head just right ~that can easily be tucked in if you don't want to see a bow~ and a brim that flares out a bit.

Knitted with a super soft, chunky yarn.

~prices start at $20~


~Baseball Family Fun~

The green & gold were made for a family of Oakland A's fans, and the the orange & black were made for a family of SF Giants fans.  A fun & warm way to cheer for your favorite team!

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